Friday, May 23, 2014

DIY: "Cold Shoulder" T-Shirt!

This is THE EASIEST DIY ever!  It barely requires any modification at all, but looks so cute when it's finished.

I love the look of cold (or open) shoulder shirts.  [I also created a version of this shirt from a flannel button down, but didn't photograph any steps of it.. fail.]  It's not a tank top, but it's not a true t-shirt either.  It's perfect for 70-80 degree days when you want a little more coverage but don't want to be sweaty all day!

All you need are three things: Any t-shirt (a little oversized is the best!), a pair of scissors, and a piece of chalk!

Start with the t-shirt turned inside out.  You can honestly use any type of t-shirt for this!  I just used a completely plain heather grey one for mine.

With the chalk, make a line about 1.5 inches down from the crew neck.  This step is optional -- you can totally keep the neckline the way it is, but I think the shirt looks a lot more "finished" when you also modify the neck!

Mark a little half-circle shape right on the shoulder of the t-shirt.  Leave about 2 inches between the chalk line by the neck and where you start the shoulder line.  [This is why we marked the neckline first, even though we haven't cut it yet!]  Depending on how big or small the shirt is, and how wide your shoulders are, make sure to place the future cut-out right where the end of your shoulder dips down and becomes the top of your arm.

Cut alone the shoulder line you just created.  Make sure you keep the little half-circle piece of fabric in tact when cutting it out!

Using the little half-circle piece of fabric, use this as a stencil for the other shoulder.  You want to make sure the holes are even, so this is a pretty important step!  Line up the seams of the shirt and the cut-out stencil.

Draw a chalk line around the fabric.

Cut along the shoulder line -- but since this time the line is an outline, cut inside the line, not outside of it.  [AKA, after you're done cutting, the chalk line should still be left on the shirt.]

Now cut a little snip right at the top seam of the shirt in the neck hole, until you reach the neckline chalk line.

Cut along the neckline chalk line.  Cut only through the TOP layer of the shirt!  Make sure the back of the shirt is left uncut for now.

Now cut the back layer of the shirt, right up against the actual collar of the shirt.

Flip the shirt right-side out, and that's it!!

I love this shirt!  It takes a regular jeans-and-a-t-shirt summer outfit and adds a little twist, while still remaining casual and classic. It looks cute with a pair of cut-offs, tucked into a maxi skirt, or with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans for chillier days/nights!

This is one of the easiest t-shirt DIY's that I do, so grab a pair of scissors, find a boring shirt, and try it out!



  1. Wow!! Awesome, thank you for sharing that!! :)

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